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Brooklyn, NYC

Hi there! I'm Junie

I'm a makeup artist with a passion for enhancing beauty through artistry. Graduating from Nina Mua Makeup Academy in 2019, I've since focused mostly on event glam, but sometimes costume makeup too. Beyond my education, I ventured into entrepreneurship with my own line of homemade lip balms (@juniquenyc), igniting my journey in makeup services. With a focus on organization, minimalism, and client comfort, I prioritize creating a personalized experience that leaves everyone feeling their best. Let's connect and create something beautiful together; book with me via Instagram (@juniesutt), text (917-886-7750), or my online calendar. Excited to share this beauty journey with you!




Sara, NY

Good morning. The makeup was perfection!!! Exactly how I wanted it! I wish I could do this all the time lol!

Frieda, NY

Hello!! Not normal. I got a thousand compliments!! And with the dress it popped. Best in the biz!

Rachel, NY

Already got so many compliments on makeup! I gave your name out to legit random people who asked me in the street!!

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