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Hi, I’m Junie.

About Me

Hi beauty! 

My name is Junie Sutton. 

I have a passion for makeup. It's artistic, a constant challenge (in the best way possible) and I have the privilege of meeting amazing people on a regular basis. Each face is a new canvas! For me, it's so much more about the artistry than the products themselves. My purpose is to empower people by enhancing their unique features, boosting confidence, and creating a space where everyone feels comfortable.

I graduated from Nina Mua Makeup Academy in 2019 and have been working ever since. I also took a Special Effects makeup class for a semester at college. From event to costume and special effects makeup, my diverse experience allows me to cater to a range of styles and preferences.

In addition to my formal education, I also ventured into the beauty world by creating my own line of homemade lip balms (take a peek @juniquenyc). This entrepreneurial journey, where flavors like Cotton Candy and Coconut Cream came to life, is what's responsible for where I am today. While it wasn't the full-fledged makeup line I dreamt of at the time, it was a passion project that taught me valuable lessons. It was the push I needed to start offering makeup services.


At the core of my artistry, I pride myself on organization, minimalism and cleanliness. I believe this reflects in my kit as well as my work. I ask a lot of questions and communicate to ensure my clients walk out feeling and looking their very best. My client's comfort is a priority to me. I will make sure they feel heard. My personalized approach goes beyond just creating a makeup look; it's about the entire experience.


Let's connect and create something beautiful together. For bookings, you can make an appointment in my calendar here, reach out through Instagram (@juniesutt) or text me (917-886-7750).


Beyond the makeup chair, you'll find me in the kitchen getting creative with food or doing something adventurous with the people I love. Feel free to connect and share your own favorite things to do—I'm open to new ideas!

Thank you for joining me on this beauty journey.

With love,

Junie Sutton

aka Junique (if you know, you know)

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Specializing in beauty and event makeup in New York, Junie Sutton's work focuses on making you feel and look your best.

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